Brands are shaped by the people and the philosophies behind them. TimeMachinist is driven by a passion for creating unsurpassed machines that tell time, and will do so in any environment – all of the time. At the heart of TimeMachinist is a desire to achieve a balance of function, design and the technical. These works are not simply time-telling devices, but also an exceptional, American-made accessory whose superb performance and high-quality finish provide the owner, and future generations with lifetimes of pleasure and reliability.

Our watches are not your typical timepieces.

Construction requires the most modern processes available. And the most durable materials are used in fabrication. Yet they are the opposite of mass production. At the heart of each timepiece are the most sophisticated devices ever created: A master craftsmen’s hand and eye.
Collectors will appreciate the attention to detail, and distinctiveness.

TIMEMACHINIST Watches display precision, strength, and individuality.


Calcedonio C. Giordano has always had a passion for measuring and portraying time. A craftsman that works in the medium of mixed metals and specializes in the creation of functional, kinetic and wearable art. He is a successful product designer in the motorcycle industry, has extensive experience in the commercial marine industry and is a multi-patent holding inventor. Giordano has been recognized by Popular Mechanics magazine and was nominated by them as one of the top ten “World’s Greatest Unsung Engineers”. He is also recognized as the creator of the world famous Archduke Grand Excelsior, a semi-submersible, semi-amphibious watercraft that has been plying the frigid waters of Alaska for over a decade and is considered a “Modern Marvel”.  Giordano is co-founder and co-owner of Tailgunner Exhaust, a performance motorcycle exhaust manufacturer as well as Timemachinist Watches. Giordano is a graduate of the University of Alaska where he earned a BA in art with an emphasis on sculpture.