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Innerspace Unlimited Timepiece $2,400.00

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TimeMachinist watches are the modern interpretation of a severe duty watch; a true weapons grade American made timepiece that is virtually indestructible. The motivation behind the creation of TimeMachinist Watches was that nothing in their class existed. While my personal collection consists of some of the most rugged, deepest divers available; they are still more or less conventional watches and are all still relatively fragile. Most watches are engineered the same and only the “theme” changes. I wanted a true no compromise watch that was purpose built; a timepiece that is always working no matter what.

The TimeMachinist Naval Destroyer and Innerspace Unlimited models utilize a Miyota Cal. Super 2035 quartz movement that’s encased in a stainless steel module. This movement was chosen for its accuracy, reliability and durability. The small, simple and lightweight movement has a proven performance record and a very long 4 year battery life. Because of its low mass and few moving parts, the Miyota quartz can with stand extreme shock and high G -loads. The movement is housed within double hulls and time is read through dual crystals. It was a hard choice deciding to use quartz instead of an automatic, but I wanted the Unlimiteds to be serious machines based on performance rather than pedigree. TimeMachinist Watches are not made for collectors, desk divers or business suits. They are made for adventurers that need a modern, rugged watch that always tells the time. As much as I like automatics, I just could not use an old fashioned engine in a modern high performance chassis.

For time setting, the inner module is accessed through the case back by removing the 12 Allen screws with the supplied tool. The no-date quartz movement is so accurate it is intended to only be adjusted for daylight savings time. The logic is that it takes less time to set a Timemachinist watch once in six months, than it does setting a mechanical watch countless times in the same period.

Conventional watch crowns have always been weak points. They leak, the threads strip over time and crowns have been known to fall off. The Innerspace Unlimiteds outer hull protects the inner modules crown. Most conventional watches crystals are above the bezel and vulnerable to damage upon impact. The Unlimited uses dual crystals. The outer crystal is 1/4 inch thick polycarbonate and it is recessed 1/8th inch below the stainless steel bezel. A direct blow to the face of the watch won’t even touch the crystal. Even the most rugged watches are just jewelry when compared to the purpose built Innerspace Unlimiteds. I am fully financed and do not answer to, or rely on anyone. My designs are new and original and I make no compromises regardless of cost. An example is the Timemachinist machined logo on the case back is done with an automated 5 axis mill. Many “high end” watches look like the case back was engraved at the bowling alley.

The Innerspace Unlimited is big for a reason; its form follows its function. While there are bigger, heavier and taller watches the Unlimited is huge by any standards, but for its size and weight it is a very comfortable watch. The custom made Ted Su leather strap looks and feels great. The large machined bronze buckle offers balance and complements the machined case very well. While I am the lead designer of TimeMachinist, I am also a TimeMachinist customer. I only make watches I would wear or buy myself. Of my modest collection of tool watches and deep divers, my TimeMachinist watches are the only ones that I am not afraid to wear regardless of circumstances or conditions.

Specs: 57mm wide 30mm tall 400 grams


Time in the 21st Century:
A modern design requires a modern movement. The TIMEMACHINIST Mark 8 houses a dateless, Citizen Quartz movement as there could be absolutely no compromises concerning accuracy, reliability or serviceability. The Mark 8 is designed to tell the time, all the time.

The Internal Crown:
The TIMEMACHINIST Mark 8, utilizing a dateless, Citizen Quartz movement is so accurate and reliable, that an external crown is not necessary. The sealed module is housed in a fortress of stainless steel and non-tarnishing aluminum bronze that is virtually indestructible.


There is a reason we use Ted Su straps exclusively. They are the best. The Ted Su workshop was established in 1994 in Bade, a small town in northern Taiwan. The work-shop focused on making straps for Panerai watches using vintage Swiss and French ammo pouch leather. Ever since then, the ammo straps have become our signature straps. Ted Su expanded their product lines with exotic materials such as alligator, shark, shell cordovan, rubber and composites for luxury wrist-watch brands. Their business goal: To compromise nothing. Honest craftsmanship providing customers the best value products.

TimeMachinist features Waterproof Swiss Ammo Strap with dive buckle.

Made using leather from vintage Swiss ammo pouches dated back to the first world wars.

No two Ted Su Swiss ammo straps are the same.


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