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This series is the new flagship of Timemachinist and is now our premium offering. These are beyond limited edition. They are built to order and individually personalized to the client. As an artist it’s important for me to create art that can evoke an emotion from my patrons. As a watchmaker it’s important for me to impress my customers. I want the customer to spontaneously and uncontrollably say “wow”. As you can see, the case is really a little boat. It was not made by a box maker at a box factory to look like a boat. It was made by a shipwright, in a boatyard, out of solid American hardwood (no cheap veneer), with all real commercial marine hardware. It is not nautical themed; it is nautical. A ship is intended to take the owners cargo. Your naval destroyer box is made to do more than store and display your new watch. With ample sized holds and deck space, the case is designed to hold all a gentleman’s personal items, not just the watch.

The solid brass COMMISSINNING LOG on the back of each custom case will be stamped with your name and your timepieces information. For all time.


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